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Drawing Preparation

We have limited resources and used Raptor Software's services to help us complete our polylining. They were able to get our drawings back to us quicker than we could have possibly done ourselves.

— Larissa V.    Florida

Drawing Preparation

AutoCAD 2010 Building Polylining

Whether your organization requires the development of a new CAD standard, adherance to an existing standard, polylining, or conversion from DWG (AutoCAD / IntelliCAD) to RVT (Revit), we can help. Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs.

With experts in the individual products (EvolveFM, CenterStone, Manhattan, Archibus, FMSystems, FMDesktop, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Raster Design, Revit Architecture, Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map), we provide the CAD knowledge as well as the industry expertise to deliver the best quality at extremely competitive rates.

How we can help:

  • Building and Space Polylining
    Most Facilities Management systems require polylined spaces with room labels. We have 10 years of experience in meeting the demands of these applications. Every CAFM / IWMS tool has a different method for preparing these drawings. Are you sure that your CAD provider knows the difference? At Raptor Software, we've been in the CAFM / IWMS field for nearly two decades and have worked with dozens of different solutions. We guarantee our CAD drawings will work in your environment.
  • BIM migration
    Building Information Modelling is the buzz word in the Architectural and Facilities industries. While the definition seems to be evolving, BIM essentially involves using tools that extend the lifecycle of the design beyond the As-built stage. Tools such as Revit Architecture and Revit MEP allow for the Modelling to be in a 3-dimensional format. We have the expertise to convert your DWG files to Revit RVT files.
  • CAD Standards
    Whether you need a home-grown CAD standard or want to be able to better adhere to the AIA CAD Standard, we have the knowledge to get your standards and drawings in order.
  • Contour Development
    If you have topography information in paper form, we can transform those hard copy files into actual contours with elevations.
  • GIS Data Preparation
    As BIM is the keyword in the Architectural and Facilities industries, GIS is the keyword for extending the lifecycle of Civil Engineering beyond the As-built stage. With extensive backgrounds in ESRI and Autodesk applications for GIS, we can make your GIS project a success.

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