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Paper to CAD

As Government Contractor, we have a number of internal and external rules that need to be validated with any new products. With Raptor Software, we were compliant in no time.

— Sheryl B.    Wisconsin

Paper to CAD (Vectorization)


Computer Aided Design (CAD) came on the scene in the mid 1980s and has now become the standard by which all new Architectural, Engineering and Construction documents are generated. But, what has become of legacy drawing files? In many cases, the basement or attic spaces are often filled with these important documents.

While these blueprints, mylars and hand-drawn originals may only exist in hard copy form, they are often the base plan source for renovations, new development, or new construction. With the risk of Fire or Water Damage a considerable concern, converting these plans into digital copies is increasingly important.

How we can help:

  • We provide services to convert all hard copy images into TIFF files. TIFF files are image files that hold some of the best possible quality. They also can be converted into other file formats as needed.
  • With all scanning projects, we provide an archive retrieval system that is customized to fit your requirements. Items such as Building Name, Origination Date, Revision Date (version) can all be stored for easy retrieval.
  • For more important drawings, we can convert those image files into actual CAD drawing files (DWG). These files are usable by any AutoCAD (or IntelliCAD) based application.
  • For the most important files, we can add Layer Standards and objects (Walls become wall objects, Doors become door objects, Contours become Contour objects, etc.). We can provide these detailed plans in AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, or Civil 3D.

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