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Facility Web

This is just great. We don't need to write out individual reports any more. Now, we just put them on the Facility Web site.

— Patricia F.    Nebraska

Facility Web Module

Facility Web

Facility Web is the module that allows the distribution of information to the rest of your organization, or, if you choose, to the world from your intranet or extranet site. Facility Web is a tool that publishes web sites. The single tool can publish as many web sites as you so choose. Each web site can be viewed by an unlimited number of viewers.

The published web sites utilize Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher for a browser and require Design Review (free from Autodesk) to be installed on the computer. But, with those requirements in place, you'll be able to interact with the drawings. You simply cannot modify data from the web site. The publisher determines what information is available on the web site and can set usernames and passwords to access the site.

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